Lumière is a totally new platform for interacting with video content.  While it might seem overwhelming at first, we've worked hard to make using the software as simple as possible.  So here are some basic concepts and a few tips to help get you get started.

The Workflow

There are a few easy steps to using Lumière.  Dive into any section to learn more about getting started.

Upload your video(s)

Use almost any format and any length.  Preload it on the Videos page or upload while you create your activity.

Create and customize an activity around your video

Choose your features, add questions and test it out.

Invite people to participate in your activity

Send out your activity link(s) or include them in a survey.

Analyze your data

See the data you've collected and interact with it.

It's really that easy.  If you ever get stuck, feel free to reach out.  We're happy to help.