Once your activity launches and begins collecting responses, you can view and interact with your outputs.  From the My Insights page, click on an activity tile to go visit that activity's Insights page.

Output Types

Depending on the features you've enabled for an activity, the types of outputs available on the Insights page will vary.



Overall Ratings 

Overall Ratings Tab
  • Trend Line
  • Density Charts
Feature Level Ratings Feature-Level Ratings Tab
  • Scatter Plot
  • Density Charts
  • Video Overlay
Feature-Level Comments

Feature-Level Comments Tab

  • Comments List
  • Density Charts
  • Video Overlay
Non-Linear Viewing (Single Video) Engagment Tab
  • Engagement Trend Line
  • Density Charts
Non-Linear Viewing (Multi Video) Engagement Tab
  • Engagement Matrix
  • Density Charts
 Questions Questions Tab
  • Response Charts
  • Verbatim List
 Panel Data Import Questions Tab

  • Response Charts

Comparison Groups

A Note on Completions: what's included and what's not

Every time a participant starts a Lumiere activity, a new session is created. Any data collected during that participant's activity is associated with that specific session. A single participant can theoretically have more than one session if they take the activity more than once, but only the most recent, successfully completed session for each participant is included for analysis in Insights.

Comparison Groups

A comparison group represents a subset of participants for display and comparison within the outputs. Comparison groups are created by filtering participants with data either collected through questions asked during an activity and/or supplemental participant data provided via an upload file.  You can have as many named comparison groups as you would like, though we recommend limiting the number of groups that are 'active' (simultaneously visualized) to just a few. Turning on too many groups can descrease performance and make outputs harder to read.   

You can create your own named comparison groups using the "Quick Filter" interface. If new participant completions come in that match your existing comparison groups, your views and counts will be automatically updated to reflect the new data when you reload the page.

Two comparison groups are autmoatically created for every activity: All and Quick Filter.  

"All" Group
The All group represents all participants who completed the activity in Lumiere.  This filter cannot be deleted or changed.  

Note: When integrating with external survey software and data sets, sometimes the "All" group count won't match counts in custom comparison groups created using uploaded data.  This can happen when participants complete a Lumiere activity but do not return to, or complete, the external survey.  It can also happen if additional screening or filtering was performed on an import file, and it doesn't include all of the participants who took the Lumière survey. 

"Quick Filter" Group

The Quick Filter group is a special comparison group that lets you filter sessions on the fly using any/all available cutpoints and save those filter selections as a named comparison group. As filter selections are changed and applied, data is reprocessed and charts are repolotted as neccessary to reflect the new data set.  If you create a quick filter that you'd like to save, you can name it and save it as a named comparison group.