You can ask participants questions before or after your activity, at specific moments in a video, or repeatedly at regular timed intervals.  Certain questions types can also be used to create Comparison Groups for filtering and comparing your data outputs.

To create and manage questions associated with an activity, click the "Questions" tab from the Design Activity page.

Question Types

Lumière supports four basic types of questions.

Text (Single Line)

An open-ended, single line text response.

Text (Essay)

An open-ended, multiple line text response.

List (Single Choice)

A list of options, of which the participant can choose exactly one.  See List Questions below for more info.

List (Multiple Choice)

A list of options, of which the participant can choose up to a predefined maximum number of options.  See List Questions below for more info.

List Options: Responses

Choosing either type of List question will reveal an additional "Answers" form field where you can specify the choices available to participants.  Enter one choice per line.  Answers will be presented in the order you enter them, unless the "Randomize response options" toggle is checked.


Additionally, list response options can also be flagged as activity terminators.  Terminators can be useful, particularly as pre-roll questions, to screen participants.  

To setup response option terminators, click "Edit Termination Logic" after entering your responses. The Question Termination Logic dialog box will appear.  From here, you can choose which responses will cause the participant's session to be terminated and what action to take.

Tip: While using questions in Lumière can be very powerful, it is not intended to be a fully featured survey question and response platform.  If you require more advanced features, like logic and piping, consider integrating your activity with external survey software.

Interrupting Participants

You can pose your questions to participants at a few different points in your activity's timeline:


Ask the question before the activity begins.


Ask the question after the activity ends.

At a specific time in the video

Ask the question at a specific moment in the video.  When you choose this option, a new "Select Point" button and timestamp textbox will appear.  Click this button to set the point at which your question should be asked.

At regular intervals across the video

Ask the question repeatedly at regular interval.  This can be useful to 'check-in' with users to make sure they are still watching.  Choosing this option will reveal additional form fields where you can set the interval.

Managing Questions

Within the questions tab on the Design Activity page, you'll see two views of your questions: a visual timeline representation and a list of questions groups that are scheduled to be asked at various points in your activity.  From here, you can over over questions in the list to reveal additional management actions.

Add a New Question

To add a new question, click the "+ Add a question" button at the top of the questions section.

Edit a Question

To edit a question after it's been created, hover over it from the questions section click the pencil icon.

Delete a Question

To delete a question, hover over it from the questions section and click the trash icon.  Click it once more to confirm.

Set Question Display Order

If you have more than one question set to be asked at thge same point in an activity, you can define the order in which they will be presented.  To change questions display order from the questions section on the Design Activity screen, hover over the question you want to move, click and hold the move icon (4-direction arrow) that appears on the right side and drag it to the new place you'd like it to be asked.  You can only drag within the group related to the same moment.  To move a question to an entirely new point in the activity, click the pencil icon to edit it.