After you have created, tested and launched your activity, the next step is inviting people to take part.  You can do this a few different ways, but all of them center around sending participants to your activity's unique link.  You can access your activity's participant link from both the setup page and activity landing page.

NOTE:  Your activity link will not be available until your activity has been scheduled or launched into "Fielding" status.

You can use your activity's link to invite people into your activity in a few different way.


With this option, simply give your activity link to your target audience through whatever channel you choose (email, social, etc).

Panel Upload

If you’re working with a group of participants for whom you already have data, you can upload their data in the Panel Management tab within activity setup and we'll automatically generate unique participant links for you.

Survey Pass-Through

If you're planning to integrate your Lumière activity into a larger, external survey, you'll need to generate unique links within your survey software.  See Integrating Lumière with other surveys & workflows for more information.