We often incorporate Lumière activities into larger surveys, and it’s a great way to use the software. If you’re linking out to Lumière activities from survey software (or an email campaign) and want to be able to track specific people, you’ll need to take a few steps to ensure that your survey participants are correctly tagged, which will help us associate your survey data and Lumière data later. If you’re not planning to upload additional panel data, this probably doesn’t isn’t something you’ll need to do.

To include a participant identifier in your links to Lumiere, you can append a participant id to the activity URL:


For example, to invite someone with an id of ’103′, your URL might look like:


Participant identifiers can be any combination of letters, numbers and symbols (only ‘@’, ‘_’, ‘-’, and ‘.’) up to a total of 50 characters in length.

See Getting participants into your activities to learn how to find your Activity URL.

Completion Redirect

You have two options for customizing where participants are sent after they complete your activity.

If you want to redirect all participants to the same URL, you can configure it under the Panel Management tab on the Activity Setup page.

If you want to customize the redirect location for each participant (if there are unique identifiers that you want to include in the URL, for example), you can pass a customized redirect URL in as part of the activity invitation link:


For example, to redirect a participant with id 103 to http://lumiere.is on activity completion, your invite URL might look like:


An important note on encoding redirect URLs:

If you’re passing a redirection URL into Lumiere as part of the activity invitation link, you’ll need to make sure your redirect URL is properly encoded to handle any symbols or special characters correctly. You could manually encode your Redirect URLs, but for activities with a large number of participants, you’ll probably want to automate the process. Each survey environment is different, but when we run surveys, our software allows us to include enhanced functionality with Javascript. If yours does too, you can use the Javascript function encodeURIComponent(url) to encode your redirect URLs. Other software might include native URL encoding functionality. Check your survey software’s documentation for more information.

Note the encoded special characters in the following redirection url:


Testing Integration

If you want to test your passthrough integration and links, you can append an additional &is_test=true variable to your activity links.  This will allow you to enter the activity in preview mode, even if the activity hasn't been launched yet.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure to remove the test variable from your links before sending participants into your survey, otherwise they will be flagged as test sessions and their data won't be included in outputs!